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Peter Diablow's Email: info@darkmindedangels.com

Digital Photographer & Visual Artist since 2000, and started DarkmindedAngels.com in 2003.
I'm specialized in Cinematic, Dark, Fetish, Gothic, Horror, Burlesque and Fantasy photography. Originally from Amsterdam, at 21 years of age I moved to the US to study Film in Boston, MA. I got my first Taste of Fetish & Burlesque here and I had the oppotunity to shoot with Dita Von Teese in my college days when she visited Boston. Graduated as a Film Major in 2005, then moved to New York City for the NYFA Film program and worked part time as house photographer for the biggest SM dungeon in NY, Pandora's Box, and also as a photographer for a NYC domina/fetish magazine, The Vault (Oct 2005 - March 2006 & Dec 2006 - Jan 2007). Now back in Amsterdam.

My background in film makes my pictures different, because I usually light photo shoots as I would light for a film shoot, which creates an atmosphere such as a movie. My work is more inspired by filmmakers, usualy of darker themes, than by other photographers, some of the filmmakers that inspire me the most are Dario Argento, Shinya Tsukamoto, Clive Barker, Dante Tomaselli, Stuart Gordon, David Cronenberg, Takashi Miike, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Michelle Soavi, among serveral others.

I also do videowork, making short films, video projections at parties and compilations of party events and performances. Since 2010 I also help out the team of Amsterdam Halloween to organise the annual Zombie/Halloween Parade in Amsterdam.

Besides the photo and video work I also do horror related performances with my performace group the bloodsquad. Please visit the group's website for more info on this. OFFICIAL BLOODSQUAD WEBSITE


* Ancilla Tilia (Netherlands): "Peter Diablow has a style of his own. Instantly recogizable and unique. Dark and macabre, but also colourful and often with a humoristic twist to it. I love working with him! It is always a lot of fun and he always makes both experienced and amateur models feel completely at ease in front of the camera. His work is also excellent proof that you don´t need fancy equiptment to make beautiful work."
* Marie Kalista (Belgium):"I met Peter last November in Brussels during the 13rd edition of the Fetish Project. I've to tell you this guy is fabulous!! He just needs 3 or 4 light bulbs and that's it the shoot can start. I had an unforgettable time. His style is unique, he is very kind and he put things right from the start…that gave me the possibility to settle down in a blitz ! Thanks for everything my dear Peter!!"
* Amarantha La Blanche (Netherlands): "People who say madness is one step ahead from brilliance don't know Peter D.'s work, he has both at the same time. Such a high motivated artist to work with, and the results are ever bloody fantastic!"
* Morditha Kalavera (UK): "[Peter] Diablow has an amazing talent... His photo's are always full of intense darkness yet filled with the upmost beauty.. He manages to capture something in his models that other photographers often miss as he goes further and deeper, down to that place where darkness, fetish and kink all meet together. A joy to work with each and every time!"
* Amylicious (US - Los Angeles):"Peter has a unique sense of style and imagination, combining art and fetish to a perfection, with no boundries. He captures the most gorgeous women in moments of pure lust and horror. So grotesque and beautiful, itís genius."
* Coco Katsura BlackPureHeart (Japan): "When Peter asked me for a shoot on a Halloween party 3 years ago I was really happy, because I had been waiting for such a vision for a long time. With the use of red, green and blue colored lights he always makes a fantastic atmosphere, where I can put all my emotions into his photos, mainly because he understands the dark minded with feeling, color and his original technique. I just want to thank him for every time we shot ^^"
* Synesthesia (US - NYC): "Peter has a great sense of light and color in his photography. His photos are like mini horror films, eerie and intriqueing. The viewer will not be dissapointed!"
* Nikla Black (Italy): "Peter is very easy to work with, he makes you feel comfortable in front of his camera...with him you make a trip through dark dreams, fantasies, scary nightmare flashes, and deep into one's dark soul, where not everything is all perfect & shiny. He doesn't shoot only perfect looking pretty girl faces... His photography is a story to read when looking through his works. These stories are not finished yet... they're just starting"
* Erika Veils (US - NYC): "Peter is one of the best photographers/film directors I have ever worked with. He is extremely talented, considerate, very friendly, outgoing, comfortable to be around with, and down to earth. Anyone who works with him is very fortunate".
* Miss Kerosene Deluxe (Canada): "Armed with jars of [fake] blood and props that would make your momma cry, Peter Diablow is taking everything unholy and twisted and making it into his signature 'darkminded' art. With minimal studio equiptment and tons of imagination Peter's images are dark yet colourful, both controversial and sexy. I have had the pleasure of working with Peter a number of times and on each occasion the results reached far beyond my expectations. A true artist is one who can provoke reactions with their art, these being positive or negative. Peter Diablow is a genius and a true artist (not too mention a sweetheart)"


Exposition of Halloween flyers by Peter Diablow at Amsterdam Halloween 2012 with Birgit Schuurman & Kim Feenstra



with Dita Von Teese after our shoot in 2003

with Belle Beaudelaire, Cyndie Myst, Mish Va De Ville & Miss Katonic after video shoot in NYC

with Natsumi Scarlett at the London World Burlesque Games 2013

With the Japanese band Aural Vampire after shoot at Tivoli Utrecht 2007

with Rubberdoll at Boudoir Bizarre 2008

With pornstars Nikki Flames & Sofia Valentine at Boudoir Bizarre 2008

with Amarantha La Blanche founding Bloodsquad 2008

with Ancilla Tilia at Boudoir Bizarre 2009

with Filmmaker Fred Vogel at BUT Festival in Breda 2010

with Miss Katonic and my film crew at the shooting of the short film "Smoker's Circle" 2005

With Zarayda Groenhart (BNN) backstage at Wasteland 2010

with Actress Angela "May" Bettis in NYC 2005

With Aprella after our shoot at Pandora's Box NYC 2007

With Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson at Bostn screening of Evira's Haunted Hills 2002

With actress Jagqeline Velvets after our shoot NYC 2006

With DJ Sisen and Natsumi Scarlett 2017

With Warwich Davis at NYC convention 2005

With Haydee Sparks & Sanne Kraaijkamp backstage at Wasteland 2011

With Me-Chiel, Lara Aimee, Kay Morgan & Stephan Roy at Wasteland 2015

With Bloodsquad for Illuminati performance at Wasteland 2015

With Promo shot for Bloodsquad 2012 by Photopuma

With Ishtar & Brute, Amarantha La Blanche & Father Sebastiaan at Summer Darkness 2012

With Medusa, Herr Dokter & Xarah von den Vielenregen @ Wasteland 2010

with Louis Fleschmacher at Berlin Fetish Ball 2015

with Bloodsquad performace group at Wasteland 2010

with Cerise Noire & Azwera at Kinky Salon Amsterdam 2012

with Gino Pietermaai after shoot, also with Aloe & Iron Queen

with Jemma Ishtar & Yusura Bushwatcher at Gallery Opening in Amsterdam 2012

With Eden Berlin at Fetish Evolution in Essen 2010

With Maxime Avet backstage at Wasteland 2010

Performing with Bloodsquad at Wasteland 2014

With Erika Veils at Smoker's Circle film set NYC

With Marnie Scarlett and Boom Boom at Wasteland 2014

Filming for video project 2009

Shoot with Milla Vie 2015

With Bloodsquad for performance at Boudoir Bizarre 2016

With Monique Sluyter, Dame Noire & Jemma Ishtar at the Go Gallery

with 2012 Bloodsquad performance group; Marius, MaaikeFX, Cerise Noire, Azwera, Iron Queen & Jemma Ishtar. And with MaaikeFX at the first Amsterdam Halloween Zombie Walk 2010

Selfportrait 2014

Portrait by VonSterling 2013

Portrait by VonSterling 2013

Portrait by VonSterling 2013

Shoot for Nieuw Revue Magazine with Maaike FX & Jemma Ishtar

Portrait by Me-Chiel 2009

Shoot for Bier & Tietuh flyer by Me-Chiel with Asphyxia Asper, Josefien, Lara Aimee & Me-Chiel

Portrait by VonSterling 2013

Portrait by Duko Stolwijk 2009

Portrait by Patrick Daniel 2014

Portrait by Patrick Daniel 2015

Portrait by David Wolf 2016 with Virus Infekt

Self portrait